Frontier DSL

Avvanta is a premiere provider of Frontier DSL services in Westerdn Washington. We support all of the DSL service speeds and packages that Frontier offers. Whether you are connecting a single computer at home, or dozens of computers at your workplace, Avvanta has a Frontier DSL service package to fit your needs.

All of Avvanta's Frontier DSL services include the following standard features:

Service Comparison Chart

Feature/Service DSL Standard SOHOxl DSL SOHOxs DSL
Mailboxes 5 5 5
Disk Space 100 MB 100 MB 100 MB
Toll Free Technical Support
POP/IMAP/Webmail Email Access
Virus & Spam Filtering
Unmetered Transfer
LAN Compatible
Personal Web Space
Secure Instant Messaging
Backup Dialup
Servers Allowed
Static IPs   1 5
DNS Hosting   1 Domain 2 Domains

Frontier DSL Packages

DSL Standard

Our Standard DSL service offerings are perfect for the home or small office user. Each of our Standard accounts include a single dynamic IP address, multiple mailboxes, backup dialup access and unmetered transfer. Packages start at $24.95/month complete.


For those wishing to run their own web or mail server using their DSL connection, Avvanta offers the SOHOxl package. It includes all of the features of our Standard accounts as well as a single static IP address and DNS service for your domain. Packages start at $39.95/month complete.


We understand that businesses have special needs. To fulfill those needs Avvanta offers the SOHOxs service. With a block of 5 usable static IP's, unmetered transfer and DNS service for two domains it is the ideal choice for the small to medium sized business. Packages start at $49.95/month complete.