Anonymous FTP Space

General Information

With the exception of MyMail mailbox accounts, all accounts at Avvanta are able to utilize their allocated storage space for anonymous FTP space. Anonymous FTP space allows you to make files available on the server for others to download. Anonymous FTP does not have the capability to allow others to upload files.

You can create your own FTP directory provided you have the ability to have a web site with your account type. The benefit of distributing files via FTP versus HTTP is mostly simplicity.

Setting up the anonymous FTP space

To include a link to a file in your FTP space in your web pages, your link would look like this:

  <a href=" username/">

With FTP all any user would have to do is click the link to download the file.

To have your own FTP space you will need to create a directory in your main home directory (not in web_docs) called public.ftp. The default permissions for the directory will work fine.

The FTP server syncs up every hour on the hour, so if you don't see your directory immediately check back 10 minutes after the next hour.