Frontier Standard DSL

Our Standard DSL services are perfectly suited for the home or small business customer. Each of our Standard DSL accounts include the following standard features:

Avvanta Service Speed Mailboxes Total Monthly
DSL Standard 768K | 128K 5 $24.95
DSL Plus Pro 1.5M | 384K 5 $29.95
DSL eXtreme 3.0M | 768K 5 $39.95
DSL Pro 768K | 768K 5 $44.95

Additional Services

Avvanta Service Setup Monthly Mailboxes Notes
MyMail Account Free $3.00 1 Additional mailboxes beyond those included with the service package.
Domain Registration $15.00 0 0 Yearly registration fee of $15.00
Personal Domain Free $5.00 0 Personal Domain for web space and email