Frontier SOHOxs DSL

We understand that businesses have special needs, and to fulfill those needs Avvanta offers the SOHOxs service. With a block of 5 usable static IP's it is the perfect choice for power users and small businesses wishing to run their own web, mail or other public servers using their DSL connection. Each of our SOHOxs DSL accounts include the following standard features:

Avvanta Service Speed Mailboxes Total Monthly
SOHOxs Standard 768K | 128K 5 $49.95
SOHOxs Plus 1.5M | 128K 5 $64.95
SOHOxs Plus Pro 1.5M | 384K 5 $69.95
SOHOxs eXtreme 3.0M | 768K 5 $79.95
SOHOxs Pro 768K | 768K 5 $109.95

Additional Services

Avvanta Service Setup Monthly Mailboxes Notes
MyMail Account Free $3.00 1 Additional mailboxes beyond those included with the service package.
Domain Registration $15.00 0 0 Yearly registration fee of $15.00
Personal Domain Free $5.00 0 Personal Domain for web space and email