Psi IM Client Setup Instructions

This is an Avvanta Jabber Service Setup Guide. If you need assistance with Psi and are not an Avvanta customer, please contact The Psi Project for technical support.

Psi is a standards driven, Jabber instant messaging client for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. It supports messages, chat, group chat and file transfers.

The Psi installation package may be downloaded from the Psi web site. For general information about Avvanta's Jabber Instant Messaging service, see the Jabber Instant Messaging pages.

Installing Psi

Once you have downloaded the Psi distribution, you will need to install it. This is done by double-clicking the downloaded file, which will launch the installation wizard. After selecting your language and agreeing to the license terms, you will be given a list of options to install with Psi. It is recommended that you install the components that are already selected, though only the main Psi (base) is required.

After selecting the components to install, click on Next. You will be prompted to select the location on your computer to install, the default location should normally be used. After selecting the location to install Exodus, click Next and Psi will be installed.

The final step in installation will have an option to run Psi. Make sure that the box to do this is checked and click Finish to close the installation wizard.

Account Configuration

The first time you run Psi, you will be prompted to enter your account information. The Add Account window will ask that you enter a friendly Name to identify this account. This can be any name you would like to refer to this account by. Once you have entered a friendly name, click on Add to continue with the account setup and display the Account Properties window.

The account properties will match much of your Avvanta email information.

In the Jabber ID box, enter your Avvanta email address, i.e.

When someone wants to send you an instant message or start a chat with you, you would provide them with your Jabber ID.

If you would like Psi to remember your password so you don't have to enter it each time you start the program, check the Save Password box and enter your Avvanta password in the password area.

After entering your Jabber ID and password, click on the Connection tab.

Use SSL encryption is an optional setting. To enhance security and encrypt all of your communications between your computer and Avvanta's servers you can enable this option.

Allow Plaintext Login should be enabled.

If your computer is connected to a DSL router (most Century Link and Frontier DSL subscribers are) you should enable the Send "Keep-alive" packets option. This help to make sure that your DSL router does not break your connection to the server.

Enable Manually Specify Server Host/Port and enter for the Host and 5222 for the port.

Click on the Preferences tab.

Enabling Automatically connect on startup will cause Psi to log you in to Avvanta's Jabber IM server automatically each time Psi starts. Most people will want to enable this since it will make you available to chat whenever you are using your computer.

To have Psi automatically reconnect you if your connection to the server is ever lost, enable the Automatically reconnect if disconnected option.

Psi has the ability to keep logs of your conversations, to enable this feature, turn on the Log message history option.

The Ignore SSL warnings option may be enabled, but Avvanta's SSL connection is using a verified and trusted SSL certificate authority and should never give a warning. By leaving this option turned off it will verify our certificate each time you connect.

If you wish to use Psi to transfer files and you are behind a DSL router, you will also need to use our proxy server. In the Data Transfer Proxy box enter

Click on the Save button to save your account settings.

Logging in and changing your Status

After saving your account settings, the new account will appear in the main Psi window. To login to the server, click the Offline menu button. From the drop-down list, choose Online. Psi will login to the server and make you available on the Jabber network.

Once you are logged in, you may update your status to indicate your presence, including Free for Chat, Away, and Do not Disturb. To logout, select Offline.

When logging in, Psi will check for your vCard information on the server. A vCard is like a virtual business card. It contains information similar to what you would find in an address book or rolodex.

If you have never specified any vCard information Psi will pop-up an error message about not being able to retrieve any account information and then prompt you to enter some. This information is publicly visible to anyone on the Jabber network, so do not include information in your vCard that you do not wish to make available to the public.

Once you have entered any information you wish to publish into the vCard form, click on the Publish button to save it on the server, and then click Close to close the vCard form.

Adding Contacts

To add a contact into your roster, click on the Psi menu button on the lower left hand corner of the main Psi window. From the drop down menu, select Add a contact to bring up the Add User form.

Enter the Jabber ID of the person you wish to add in the Jabber ID box.

If you include a Nickname for the account, that nickname will appear in your roster instead of the persons Jabber ID.

If you specify a Group, the new contact will be grouped together with others in the same group in your roster.

Once a person has been added into your roster, starting a chat with that person is done by double clicking on their entry in your roster. Before you will be able to start a chat with an individual, you will need to add them into your roster.

Starting or Joining Groupchats or Conferences

To start a or join a group chat, also known as a multi-user conference, or MUC, where you can have any number of people participating in a single conversation, click on the Psi menu button on the lower left hand corner of the main Psi window. From the drop down menu, select Join Groupchat.

For the Host enter, For the Room, you can enter letters, numbers, or the underscore or dash symbols. If the room does not exist already, it will be created for you automatically.

The Nickname is how you will be known while in this room. It will default to your username.

Click on Join to open the chat window and join the chat room.

After you have specified the room name and the chat window opens, you can invite people into the room by right clicking on their roster entry and selecting Invite to and the selecting the chat room you wish to invite them to. This is a quick and easy way to gather two or more people to a chat room.

Avvanta's servers are configured to automatically remove chat rooms one hour after the last person leaves the room.